5-Year Business Plan

A business unit strategy approach focuses on driving a specific business to full economic potential. This is all about making strategic choices and driving change. The ultimate goal is to create a set of initiatives that serve the market than the competition.

The example of business strategy explains how a software company can best exploit its existing platform to take an industry leadership position and exceed market growth. It covers how to create a robust strategic foundation, making choices on where to play and how to build a competitive advantage, and establish flexible priorities that drive results at the front line for a software company in media.

This example is all applicable for software company's in all segments and other industries.

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Key Points

Key Questions Answered

  • What are the mega-trends which are challenging?
  • What are the next generation IT requirements?
  • What are the most attractive market segments in the media ware business solutions market?
  • How should the business strategy and financial target be structured?
  • What is the mobilization, sales, product, partner and thought leadership strategy?