Idea-to-Launch Model

A phase–gate model, also referred to as a phase–gate process or a stage-gate process, is a project management technique in which an initiative or project (e.g., new product development, process improvement, business change) is divided into stages or phases, separated by gates. At each gate, the continuation of the process is decided by (typically) a manager or a steering committee. The decision is based on the information available at the time, including the business case, risk analysis, and availability of necessary resources (e.g., money, people with correct competencies).

All companies want to achieve commercial success, which is to:

1. Do THE RIGHT THING: The ability to identify markets and customers, their needs, and the right solutions incl. identifying and prioritizing target markets and customers, and their needs and a clear specification of commercial objectives, targets, and requirements – eyes on the ball

2. DO IT RIGHT: The ability to develop the solutions right, which is the development of superior technical solutions that meet commercial objectives and targets

3. BRING IT TO MARKET: The ability to successfully bring solutions to market incl. Timely and high quality communication and launch of products and services to the market

4.GET IT DONE: The ability to do this on time and on budget incl. setting direction and building and maintaining momentum and control of development projects

This presentation, describes marketing's roles and responsibilities, objectives and deliverables in the stage gate model focusing on DO THE RIGHT THING and BRING IT TO MARKET

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