Strategy Boot Camp

Traditional strategic planning processes in many cases end up taking too long and resulting in too many projects never being executed.
The Strategy Boot Camp takes 5 days and involves key strategic decision-makers - other stakeholders are involved based on specific needs. The preparation phase is prepared by the strategy or marketing unit in the company and draws on resources and insights from the organization, which might be included in some of the preparation activities. This phase runs 0-2 weeks based on the individual company needs.
The validation phase is carried and can be finalized within 2 weeks after the workshop. In some cases, a validation phase will not be necessary.

* Companies that are suffering from ”strategy fatigue” due to too many projects and too little overview. Some companies only need to ensure the strategic direction and ask the question: the strategy has been initiated and strategic projects have been running for a while, but is it going in the right direction?
* Companies with a need for a ”quick-and-dirty” company strategy: you are a small or medium sized company and need to find your strategic direction in a short period of time
* Companies with a need to validate the strategic decision: the strategic plans have been made, but you are not sure whether it is truly the right direction

* A short and to-the-point strategic plan with a clear prioritization of key strategic tasks
* A process with high degree of key stakeholders involvement

This document is an output of a short Company Strategy Diagnostic. The company plays within banking software, but the framework applies to other industries.

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Delivered within 72 hours


Key Points

Key Questions Answered

1. Product-market: Which products in which markets / industries?
2. Go-to-market: which customer segments will be approached with which value proposition?
3. Sales: How can we achieve a larger share of wallet with existing customers and expand our current customer base?
4: Partnerships: Which type of sales, technology and distribution partnerships must be established?
5. R&D: Which R&D activities must be pursued internally and how do we organize to achieve goals?
6. Organization / management: How must we organize to ensure high operational efficiency and scalability?