Store Management Guide

The retail store is the place where the customers take a decision on the purchase of the products offered by the retailer. The store also influences the perception that customers form in their minds about the store, the products, services and staff. From the management’s point of view, operations of the store and a major element of the cost. As a consequence, the store itself becomes a critical asset of the retail business and it is imperative that the operations are managed well to achieve and sustain customer satisfaction and be cost effective. Managing store operations for a small retail business of any size or complexity from the neighborhood grocer to the national retail chain is a challenging task. It requires integration among various functions within the store. When all the functions are performed in an integration manner, the store operations run smoothly.

Running a retail store is far from simple. This store management guide explains the fundamental store concept, roles and responsibilities including devising daily procedures. It is an example how to develop a process guide for your retail concept.

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Key Points

Key Questions Answered

What is company?
• History
• Brand
• Retail concept
• Products

What is the role of a franchisor?
• Store planning
• Store opening process
• Roles & organization
• Finance & budgeting

How to manage the store?
• Sales & service standards
• Staff management
• Store appearance incl. merchandising and visual merchandising
• Finance and performance management
• Inventory and purchasing
• Operational support
• Store standard and routines