Corporate Strategy Playbook

This strategy playbook summarizes the key principles, processes, workshop agendas and templates, facilitation ideas and guides etc. that should drive strategic decision making across a organization.

This strategy playbook is based on the book of Roger Martin - Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works. Strategic choice making is fundamentally about answering five integrated key questions. The five questions have different contents and meaning at each level of the organization, but the generic choices they represent are basically the same. The questions are:
1. What is our winning aspiration?
2. Where to play?
3. How to win?
4. What capabilities must be in place?
5. What management systems are required?

The playbook provides a complete overview of a strategy process and how to facilitate a strategy with many stakeholders across a large organization.

The strategy playbook is primarily a tool for the ones responsible for facilitating and driving the strategy process, whether it is on corporate level, industry level or functional level – or across key accounts or regions.

The playbook includes, process views, workshop agendas & templates and examples of end deliverables.

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Key Points

Key Questions Answered

    What is the strategy process overview?
  • Strategy process flow
  • Organization, roles and responsibilities
  • Detailed strategy process flow
  • Links between the strategy process and other key processes What is the strategy deliverables? What are the workshop agendas and templates?
  • Strategic issues
  • Strategic options
  • Barriers to choice
  • Transformation roadmap What is the implementation plan?
  • Tools